the Adventures of Sara Cladlow

I am Sara Cladlow, a social consultant working in Washington, DC. I provide consulting, social training, and event services for both corporate and political clients.

My adventures are chronicled in the eChallenge puzzles.

You can read my adventure and test your skills by solving the challenges in each eChallenge puzzles.

More About eChallenge Puzzles

The eChallengeCoin is an electronic coin with puzzles to solve. There will be an annual eChallengeCoin.

Every eChallengeCoin has a series of interactive challenges which use a combination of touch sensors (or buttons) and LEDs. When appropriate, an puzzle may have additional interactive elements such as environmental sensors or sound. In addition to the interactive challenges, each new eChallengeCoin has another story from the Adventures of Sara Cladlow. Within each story, you are tasked with solving the challenges Sara encounters. The story is accessed through the UART connection on the eChallengeCoin.

When an eChallengeCoin wakes, the LEDs will show the current status. The status includes which interactive challenges have been solved, which story challenges have been solved, and if the bonus has been achieved. A solid LED means a challenge is completed and the next challenge is shown with a blinking LED. Touching any sensor (or button) will leave status mode and begin the next unfinished challenge.

The eChallengeCoin will go to sleep after a challenge has been completed or failed. They also go to sleep if idle for 60 seconds.

The eChallengeCoin also has demos. To access a demo, touch opposing sensors (or buttons) while waking the puzzle. Once a demo has been activated, it remains active until it is deactivated. To return to the challenges, touch any single sensor (or button) while waking the puzzle.

TIP: Most demos use the wake interface - or all touch sensors at the same time - to immediately put the puzzle back to sleep. Some interactive challenges are lengthy. Starting with 2021 eChallenge puzzles, activating the wake sequence while an interactive puzzle is running will immediately finish the puzzle and wait for the user to respond.

IMPORTANT: The UART connection runs at 9600 baud (8N1). For some reason which escapes logic, the 2020 eChallengeCoin does not work with FTDI's using the FT232 chip.

Latest News

January 2022

2022 eChallengeCoin

The 2022 eChallengeCoin is coming along nicely! It isn't planned for release until June. In the meantime, you can read about the changes and see some early photos from the link up top!

October 2021

2020 eChallengeCoin Redux

Due to a momentary laps in judgement, the 2020 eChallengeCoin is back. It is be almost identical to the original. Thanks to the chip shortage, there will be a small change under the hood. More details from the link up top!

September 2021

Availability of the Pocket Enigma

The Pocket Enigma is available on our Tindie store!

One important note is that the product listing is a bundle which includes two Pocket Enigma devices plus the Enigma Development Adapter!

August 2021

Availability of the 2021 eChallengeCoin

The 2021 eChallengeCoins are available on Tindie!

May 2021

2021 eChallengeCard

The eChallengeCard was planned for 2020 Hackaday SUPERCONFERENCE and then 2021 and now ... well ... it's been cancelled. There are lots more answers on the eChallengeCard page.

July 2020

2020 eChallengeCoin Sold Out

The original 2020 eChallengeCoin was popular - a bit more popular than expected! There were 250 eChallengeCoins made and they were all made by hand. A huge Thank You! to everyone who placed an ordered for this inaugural eChallengeCoin.

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