the Adventures of Sara Cladlow

I am Sara Cladlow, a social consultant working in Washington, DC. I provide consulting, social training, and event services for both corporate and political clients. I also accept contracts for security investigations requiring a subtle touch.

My adventures are chronicled in the eChallenge puzzles.

You can read my adventure and test your skills by solving the challenges in each eChallenge puzzles.

I am having a big sale on all remaining eChallengeCoins from previous years. Get them on Tindie. Once an individual eChallengeCoin is sold out, it will be retired. All of the content will remain here but I will not make any more of prior years.

The next eChallengeCoin is bigger than ever ... literally ;-)

More About eChallenge Puzzles

The eChallengeCoin is an electronic coin with puzzles to solve. There will be an annual eChallengeCoin.

The 2020 thru 2023 eChallengeCoins have a series of interactive challenges which use a combination of touch sensors (or buttons) and LEDs. When appropriate, an puzzle may have additional interactive elements such as environmental sensors or sound. In addition to the interactive challenges, each new eChallengeCoin has another story from the Adventures of Sara Cladlow. Within each story, you are tasked with solving the challenges Sara encounters. The story is accessed through the serial connection on the eChallengeCoin.

You will find all available eChallengeCoins and more in the Tindie store.