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Welcome to the story of 'Sara and the Saint'.

Within this story are the clues you need to help Sara solve the challenges she encounters. The clues are found throughout the story.

Each time a story challenge is solved; it adds another level to your eChallengeCoin and continues the story.

The story also contains two Easter Eggs which have no effect on the challenges but have been included for bragging rights.

Press ENTER when you are ready!

Sara was happy to get a call from Terry. The assignments from Terry's firm were always different and there had been a steady stream of opportunities since their agreement in Las Vegas. Sara's special skillset and unique form of social engineering had become a bit of a secret weapon for Terry's firm - for both resolving incidents and securing new clients.

This time around, Terry asked Sara to come to her office to be briefed.

Over the course of about two hours, Sara learned that one of Terry's long standing clients had had a breach. Caribbean Holdings National (CHN) - an international firm with a sprawling series of offices spread across most of the islands - provides discrete services for their clients. While CHN vetted their accounts for illegal financial activities, the discrete nature of their services meant they did not maintain any records of clients' physical storage beyond access and accounting.

CHN contacted Terry when their access system detected an anomaly. The access logs identified a client accessing their storage twice within a few minutes. When CHN notified the client for confirmation, they realized the physical storage had been compromised. All the client would say was "several private documents were missing, along with other items".

CHN was provided details of the document but nothing more. They contacted Terry with the findings and ask for an on-site investigation.

Two things were clear to Terry. First, her firm needed to assist in the location and recovery of the documents. Second, there was something "not quite right" with what CHN has reported. Terry needed to know if her firm was exposed to illegal activity - the "other items" sounded like trouble.

Sara was to fly to Martinique to meet with Minkan Shay, the head of physical security for CHN. Her task beyond that was to do her best to locate the documents. If she "just happened" to locate the "other items" or what they were, that was worth a bonus. Terry told Sara to pick up her tickets and itinerary on her way out. She was already booked on to Fort De France via Montreal for the next day.

Sara returned to her flat and pulled out her laptop. In addition to the general travel packing, she wanted to be sure she had plenty of flexibility to fit into any business and social situation. She was confident this assignment was going to take some creative thinking and wanted every advantage. "Looking the part" was going to be critical. She also spent a few hours reading up on the history of the region. Until she met with Mr. Shay, she had little direction for how to proceed.

The next day, Sara caught an Uber to Dulles and started her trip. She was not fond of connecting flights, so, by the time she finally arrived in Martinique, she was glad to find a car waiting for her at the airport to take her to the hotel. After nearly 10 hours of travel, all Sara wanted was a shower, a meal, and to watch the sunset.

At 8am, a car came around to take Sara to meet Minkan Shay. He was a tall dark man - dark as in not very friendly and dark as in wearing totally black business attire. They went to his office where he gave the details of the situation. Every detail matched up with what Terry had explained. When Sara pushed on what was removed, Mr. Shay adjusted his posture and repeated the corporate message. "The details of our clients' physical storage are a private matter. Our clients appreciate their privacy. They and they alone, know the specifics of their materials. We manage the access tracking. Our clients manage their inventory."

"And what was the inventory?" Sara asked. "The client has asked us to investigate and retrieve documents pertaining to the provenance of their art holdings. If, in the pursuit of the investigation, we find other items, we have been asked to collect them as well."

Sara continued, "Were there any clues found".

Mr. Shay explained they had not inspected the storage. "Again, this was the level of privacy we offer our clients." He continued, "We did find a message." as he handed it to Sara. She read it aloud, "We the 15 of the triangle trade, preside over your sins".

Sara was about to ask if Mr. Shay understood the message but then stopped. There was something about this whole situation that had her wanting to play her cards close to the vest. Instead, she finished her notes and informed Mr. Shay that she would return to her hotel and planned to stay on the island for a few days.

Back at the hotel, Sara changed into more comfortable clothes and grabbed a wide brimmed hat before walking down to the beach. She didn't want to freckle more than she already was and the sun was bound to be strong.

She planned to walk the beach. The southwest part of the island was less touristy and she hoped she might be able to strike a conversation with some locals. She needed to figure out what or where the message pointed. At this point, it was her only lead.

It seemed like Sara had been walking forever and all she was seeing was tourists. She was about to give up when she spotted a group of young women who had just beached their boat and were shuffling up the sand. Sara decided to fall in behind them.

The group made a beeline to an outdoor restaurant with plastic tables and folding chairs. Sara's French was good enough to translate "come a la Maison" to "like home" and based on all the locals, this was definitely a place for home cooked meals.

Even in her light beach clothes, Sara felt a bit overdressed as she asked for "a table for one". The host hesitated. Just as he was about to make some comment, the group of women said, "Come! Sit with us!" Sara didn't skip a beat and caught up to the group as they were sitting down.

Over beer and too much food, Sara got to know the group of 5 women. They liked to call themselves the "fouiller five".

She was sure they were testing her resolve with the balaou frit and chatrou fricassee. The magret de canard (duck breast) was more familiar and it was all delicious. When she didn't flinch at any of it, they ordered another round of Lorraine and kind of let it rip.

They were all local and often got together to go diving. Today they had been down to the point looking for any signs of an old wooden shipwreck. Sara was happy for the conversation and a chance to put the puzzle out of her head. For the rest of the afternoon, she was able to "just hang out" and make friends.

The next morning started a bit slowly for Sara. She needed some of the extra strong local coffee and chose a starchy plantain fritter. Before completely running out of energy the previous night, Sara had figured out the clue.

After breakfast, Sara went outside for a taxi. The driver greeted her and asked ...

Destination Miss?: